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vendredi 6 avril

20H-21h :  3129152020(eliott) : Brain Self Mutilation 

retransmission live-coding

21H A MINUIT - ALGORAVE PARIS  live coded music & visuals::

samedi 7 avril

22h Valentin Bonnet + invitésguestééé
23h Nicolas Keroulas + guestS

dimanche 15 Avril

live closing event with OPTICKS and Daniela from the Dwingeloo radio telescope, hosted as Facebook live by Astronomers Without Borders for Global Astronomy Month 2018:
Keep submitting your images with a message, we will reflect them off the Moon at 4pm Paris time, you can view from anywhere on FB, invite your friends to send images, join this global networked performance and maybe see you soon at the radio telescope :) #happening #cosmic mail art #cosmic flaneur



Mercredi 4 avril

20h muq-invaders
vers 21h Charliestone / Alexander II / Mael Premier / Théovinasse : scéance de tantripoulpisme 

mercredi 21 mars

13h Per Huttner (
17h test moon-bounce with Nando 
21h répétition muq-invaders

jeudi 22 mars

10h journalistes
EEGsynth performance - BrainWave Music
lecture poèsie -français, portugais, diogo maia  21 h

vendredi 23 mars

10h EEG recording Eliott & ... ?
20h performance/interview in the COGITO corner with Carole Ione about Pauline Oliveros's Moonbounce work.  
Collect images from the public for the OPTICKS performance.

samedi 24 mars

From 11am to brain activity recording with the students, using virtual reality,  from 11am: your brain activity will be sent into space during the live event in the evening. 
From 8pm: COGITO, with live connection with radio operator Jan van Muijwlijk and Harry Keizer from the Dwingeloo radio telescope; live transmission of brain activity into space. Feel free to interact with the radio operators, ask questions;
9pm OPTICKS: live moonbounce of images; learn about Moonbounce etc. We will attempt other Moonbounce experiments, for example having people speaking to the Moon and hearing their echo back.

Tanguy Roussel : Somewhere between 17h and 20h ? : LiveCoding session "Astral noise/Cortex noise" with SuperCollider. Maybe we could send some synthetised noises to the moon ? 
22h: P-Node | RYBN.ORG

Mercredi 28 mars

13:00 EEG piano installation, synth jams with Kevin
19:00 Ignacio Rebollo (ENS): Lecture - Waves in the brain / waves in the stomach
20:00 Samon Takahashi: Lecture - Pioneers of Brainwave Music
21:00 Carima Neusser, Per Huttner, Stephen Whitmarsh: Spiritual Lapdance, EEG-music & dance performance

vendredi 30 mars

19h lecture poésie -français, portugais, Diogo Maia
20h muq-invaders
23h Concert musique hyper planante de nuit Alice

samedi 31 mars

20h30 concert Julie (TOWBLOW)
22h-minuit set colomba poggi (Fury Froid)